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Joe Schofield - Biographical Highlights

Career Highlights

  • Clients include the dominate local casino in Las Vegas; the world's most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company; a national laboratory chartered to maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, energy systems, and the environment; a US-based bank that specializes in credit cards; an internationally recognized senior living referral service; the leader in networked table game solutions; and other clients primarily in the US.

  • Maintains nine agile certifications. Is an active scaled-agile enterprise transformation coach and trainer. Contributes to the SCRUMstudy ScrumBOK.

  • Certifies agile professionals as Scrum Developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners-both teams and at scale.

  • Developed and delivers the The Agile Bootcamp.

  • Developed and taught over 100 college courses including 70 graduate-level courses in Strategic Decision Making and Software Engineering.

  • Authored over 80 published articles and/or conference presentations in industry journals on agile, IT development, and measurement, as examples.

  • Retired in 2011 as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff from Sandia National Laboratories after a 31-year career.

  • Elected and served two years as President of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG); a total of seven years on the Board of Directors. As President, IFPUG membership increased and the annual budget was not exceeded.

  • Chaired the Management Reporting Committee for the International Function Point Users Group 2005 - 2007. Principal developer of the Certified Software Measurement Specialist designation.

  • Conducted Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen events over a seven-year period as a Lockheed Martin certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt. Awarded LSS Trainer of the year.

  • Developed a national policy for software management for the DOE in conjunction with four other sites; the result was DOE Order 1330.

  • Led the largest sustained software process improvement ever undertaken in the state of New Mexico for over 12 years.

  • Taught Social Styles 50 times across diverse professional organizations and mining companies.

  • Participated and/or led in the development of the following IS/IT projects: inventory control, property management, JIT procurement, facilities maintenance and management, engineering drawings, portfolio management, and nuclear weapon component systems.

  • Appointed by the CIO of Sandia National Laboratories to serve as a consultant to the Governor of the State of New Mexico's CIO Council.

  • Served on the Professional Standards Commission for the State of New Mexico with responsibility for: recommendations to the State Board of Education, university and college program review, and teacher competencies for public and private education. Served last of six years as Vice Chair.

  • "Retired" after 21 seasons of coaching girl's basketball for Albuquerque Public Schools in 2008 with a 76% winning percentage and, while compiling a 50-game winning streak over final 5 consecutive undefeated seasons.

  • Served four years US Air Force active duty; six years Air National Guard.

Career Summary

As an enabler and educator: . . . is an Authorized Training Partner with VMEdu, a Scrum Certified Trainer and Agile Coach with SCRUMstudy, and a contributor to the Great IT Professional Webinar Series sponsored by Computer Aid, Inc. Joe has over 80 published books, papers, conference presentations and keynotes—including contributions to the books: The IFPUG Guide to IT and Software Measurement (2012), IT Measurement, Certified Function Point Specialist Exam Guide, The Economics of Software Quality, and his recently released Aligning People and Culture for Agile Transformation. He has taught over 100 college courses, 75 of those at the graduate level. Joe has facilitated ~200 teams in the areas of software specification, team building, organizational planning, and agile transformation.

Lifelong learning: . . . holds nine agile-related certifications: SCT, SCAC, SSMC, SSPOC, SMC, SDC, SPOC, SAMC, and SAFe 5. He is also a Certified Software Quality Analyst and a Certified Software Measurement Specialist. Joe was a CMMI Institute certified Instructor for the Introduction to the CMMI®, a Certified Function Point Counting Specialist, and a Lockheed Martin certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He completed his Master’s degree in MIS at the University of Arizona in 1980.

Selected Key Roles: . . . is a Past President of the International Function Point Users Group. He retired from Sandia National Laboratories as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff after a 31-year career. For over a decade he served as the “Chief Process Officer” of an organization of 400 software engineers which was awarded a SW-CMM® Level 3. He continued in that role to CMMI® Level 4 until his departure.

Community & Family: . . . was a licensed girl’s mid-school basketball coach in the state of NM for 21 seasons--the last five undefeated, spanning 50 games. He served seven years volunteering in his church's children's choir; eventually called to oversee 150 children and 20 staff. Was appointed to serve on the state of New Mexico's Professional Standards Commission. By "others" he is known as a husband, father, and grandfather.

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