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Workshops include: SSPOC, SSMC, SDC, SMC, SPOC

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Scaled Scrum Master Certification | Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certification | Scrum Developer Certification | Scrum Master Certification | Scrum Product Owner

Each certification workshop registration includes:

  • Two-day workshop with guided discussion, exercises, and practice simulations
  • A copy of the 380-page Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK)
  • 16 PMI-approved PDUs
  • The relevant workshop workbook
  • The workshop Case Study (SSMC, SMC, SSPOC, & SPOC)
  • A voucher to complete the certification exam after the workshop. This exam is scheduled and proctored by VMEdu. The exams are closed-book and have 75 (SDC), 100 (SMC), and 140 (SPOC) questions over 90 minutes, 120, or 180 minutes respectively. The candidate schedules their exam(s) with VMEdu.
  • With successful exam completion, a 3-year certification with several options for extension with VMEdu.
Please note, there are no "slides" for the workshops. Interactive content discussion and dialog, and participation in the exercises constitutes the learning approach.

Onsite workshops are negotiated based on the number of attendees, the location of the workshop, the number of workshops being conducted, and specific needs of a hosting site. Meeting the needs of the organization and the success of the attendees are my primary goals when scheduling workshops for friends, longtime and new.

Brief History

December 16, 2019 - Licensed to offer the Scaled Scrum Master and Scaled Product Owner certification workshops. As VMEduís Authorized Training Partner and Scrum Certified Trainer (SCT), I offer five different certification workshops--other jumpstart workshops too--enhancing your organizationís scaled agile capability and your staffís professional credentials and capabilities. VMEdu is the global leader in professional certification and specifically agile development.

January 30, 2017 - Licensed to offer the Scrum Product Owner Certification (SPOC). Each two-day certification workshop includes access to a certification exam administered by VMEdu. Candidates are encouraged to visit the SCRUMstudy site to preview these and other certifications, some of which are free.

Now you can accelerate your organizationís success, strengthen your teams, and support your staff's growth goals with agileís largest accrediting organization. A Guide to the Scrum Body Of Knowledge (SBOK), learning aids, videos, mobile apps, workbooks, and case studies provide a framework for consistent process definition and improvement.

Hopefully you have a better understanding as to why I am excited to offer these products to you and your teams. The Scrum framework as described in these materials provides a foundation for Scrum process usage as well as project, program, and portfolio success.

October 1, 2016 - Culmination of years of agile coaching and workshop sessions into a new relationship with VMEdu.

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